Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pet Par-tay

There's a pet party going on over at Debbiedoos !

Meet Beau (aka Bo-Bo):

My husband got Beau in the summer of 2006 (when we were still dating).  I had just gotten back from my senior trip and, when I got home, he surprised me a sweet, little, brown ball of fur.  Beau is a chocolate labrador retriever.  He's definitely a wild man but he has a sweet, cuddly side when he's in need of some lovin'.  His favorite past time is fetching tennis balls and sticks from the lake.

Beau loved all the attention he got as an "only child" but, a month after my husband and I got married, in 2008, we brought home another bundle of joy ;)....

Meet Homer (aka Homie, Home-dog):
Homer is a weimaraner.  I brought him home as a surprise for my husband after we got married.  He is definitely the sensitive one in the family.  It doesn't take much to "hurt his feelings" ;).  He LOVES to cuddle and he is the best running partner I could ever ask for.
Beau + Homer = BFF
I can't even watch TV without Homer cuddlin' with me

Worn Out (Homer as a puppy)!


  1. You have two of my favorite breeds - a chocolate lab and a weimaraner. Beau and Homer are adorable!!!

  2. What handsome loveable Men you lucky girl! Beau and Homer are really sweet looking. They must eat a lot. Thanks so much for joining in this special party, I have enjoyed it so much. I look forward to you joining the newbie party next week too.

  3. These are the most beautiful dogs to me!! My mother raised labs for years and when my husband and I got married, she gave us a brother/sister pair...Stu & Lou! Yellow and Black. They were our first 'children' and we miss them. Homer looks like a sweetie pie!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. aww, soo cute! they look like they became great friends. stopping over from debbie's party, and so glad i did.

  5. awww, so cute! We have a weimaraner too, her name is Gracie, they have such great personalities. Your puppies are gorgeous!

  6. Your pups are so darn adorable! And you take great photos of them too! Finding you through the party!